Data Management

Enterprise data management depends on an integrated data architecture that facilitates the retrieval, analysis and manipulation of data across all functions and business units, as well as several applications. However, in today’s environment the information is scattered across multiple applications and diversified platforms. With the advent of big data, organizations now face the growing challenge of getting meaningful information from many different sources of data. To accomplish an integrated data architecture, organizations must implement sophisticated processes and methodologies in compliance with changing regulations. To make the most of the available data, organizations need an efficient process and foundation for handling the data architecture and creating an efficient way to securely manage data across the enterprise.

At DataFactZ, our data management services provide innovative enterprise solutions, customizable to fit the information needs of any organization, helping drive better decision-making and improve business performance. Our skills include data governance, data integration, data quality analysis, master data management and data architecture design, development and maintenance. Our proven methodologies and industry leading tools transform the various data into actionable insights while adhering to organizational guidelines. We offer a complete spectrum of enterprise data management services, including:

Data Governance

Involves the implementation of pre & post processes.

  • Pre processes starts at the top of the business. Where decisions regarding the sanctioning of data by creating policies and decisions around data that includes how to form data and who can use the data.
  • The post process involves the daily strategies that support the continued formation of data policies and decisions.

Better data governance = Higher confidence in accumulated data

Strong decisions within data governance including data security & data privacy lead to higher levels of data quality.

Data Quality

The higher the data quality the more usable it becomes. One of DFZ core competencies is setting the direction of your organizations data quality. By collecting data quality rules across the enterprise, reconciling gaps, and continuously monitoring your data quality.

Better data quality = Better data integration

Imply put, without strong levels of data integration, the solution will fail. We can continuously improve integration by leveraging both meta data management and master data management.

Data Integration

Disparate data source require various levels of integration in order to support the solution. Data Integration is only possible with consistent data definitions across the enterprise.

The DatafactZ advantage is optimizing Data Governance AND providing the framework for continuous improvement of Data Quality and Integration. Resulting in greater insights, making the solution even more valuable.

Data Governance

Our data governance strategy includes both pre and post processes to manage data decisions. The pre process starts at the top of the business by sanctioning data and developing data policies that include how to form data and who can use the data. The post process is creating day to day tactics that support these data policies and decisions.

Data Quality

Data quality services ensure the quality, integrity and usability of data. We have extensive experience creating programs that will address different types of data, such as sets of master data sensitive data, and acquired data. These programs set standards for data quality, collect data quality rules across the organization, reconcile gaps, monitor data quality and deploy various data quality software tools.

Data Integration

As data comes from an increasing number of sources in today’s business environment, data integration has become more challenging. These challenges often come to light with mergers and acquisitions, new development efforts and new application systems that are required to integrate for decision-making or enterprise applications. We have extensive experience in this area and have helped several customers create initiatives, including metadata management, master data management, aligning with the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and standardizing platforms with consistent data definitions throughout the organization.

Data Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy is a growing concern in today’s connected environment. We have extensive experience working with senior management to understand data regulations and formulate data security policies across the enterprise. During this process, we also assist with identifying the most sensitive data and aligning it with appropriate compliances and identifying and defining data related controls to manage risk.

Metadata Management

We have the experience to fully develop effective metadata management strategies within organizations. Our approach begins with analysis of the current environment, applications and business needs surrounding metadata, followed by defining high-level business, technical and metadata solution requirements. We provide recommendations on approach, architecture, governance, risk assessment and other topics with a roadmap and high-level project plan. In addition to leveraging our experience, our clients are able to take advantage of our proven project methodologies and templates.

Master Data Management

Data management in large organizations is very complex. However, master data management can successfully address this challenge and leverage it to provide organizational value. We can help you define and understand MDM, and the extraordinary value it provides. We offer an overview of the different architecture types within MDM, and can help you determine and implement the services that best suit your organizational needs.