Case Studies

DataFactZ’s Customer Success Stories

Using Data Analytics to find Customer Lifetime Value

Explore how you can derive insights from your customer behavior patterns and find out how to improve your customer lifetime value using data science. Our case study showcases how to determine CLVs based on customer retention likelihood and respective profit margins using robust data modeling techniques.


Streamline your Business Intelligence Portals

As businesses grow, adoption rate of new Business Intelligence technologies increase as well. Learn how DataFactZ has built a solution to manage and streamline multiple portals with a secure and scalable architecture.


How to Migrate your Data to the Cloud

With more businesses turning towards cloud for data storage and optimized infrastructure utilization, change management can be overwhelming. Find out how DataFactZ has streamlined this process to ensure migrations to cloud are fast, secure and seamless in nature.


Customer Loyalty using Data Science

DataFactZ’s expertise in Data Science and Data Models have helped our clients improve their customer retention metrics through customized loyalty programs. In this case study, you will learn how to tackle customer churn in the banking industry so high valued customers are never lost.


Automate your Data Quality Audit Process using Talend for Big Data

Data is valuable to businesses of all types, especially when it is translated into clean, usable information. With businesses gathering data in real time, and from multiple sources, it is critical that data is cleansed and audited before it is consumed by analysts. In this case study, learn how DataFactZ has integrated Talend Big Data Toolset with a client’s data ecosystem to provide faster auditing mechanisms.


BI Tool Migration to Cloud

When businesses notice limitations and continuous challenges with on-premise infrastructure expansion projects, they move towards a scalable, cost-effective cloud model. Compatibility issues with existing Business Intelligence tools with a cloud based data model is a common occurrence in such migration projects. DataFactZ, has used a holistic approach in handling a similar situation for a client migrate their Business Intelligence Platform to work with the cloud based Snowflake DB, in this case study.


We’ve Automated Data Migration so You Don’t Have To

In this case study, learn how DataFactZ helped a client move from a legacy data integration and data movement framework to a more robust Talend platform in an automated, self-maintained fashion. The solution that DataFactZ developed was metadata driven rather than manually configuring all migration jobs to ensure quality, speed and cost requirements of the client were satisfied.