We’re a passionate Business Analytics Company; thrilled to help you make the right decisions by harnessing the power of Big Data.


We are a company driven by inquisitive data scientists, having developed a pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach, which has evolved over the decades working with over 100 clients across multiple industries. Combining several Data Science techniques from statistics, machine learning, deep learning, decision science, cognitive science, and business intelligence, with our ecosystem of technology platforms, we have produced unprecedented solutions. Welcome to the Data Science Analytics team that can do it all, from architecture to algorithms. Download a brochure



Krishna Kallakuri

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Gherghescu

Vice President, Sales

Shashi Joopalli

Director, Operations & Delivery

Jim Salter

Director, Sales & Marketing

Sridhar Kodati

Founding partner & CFO

Alina Petrovici

Business Development Executive & Public Relations

Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam

Chief Analytics Advisor

Anil Hari

Vice President, Technology Solutions Group

Advisory Board

Daniel F. Ponder


Barbara L. Whittaker

Business Strategist

Bob Sullivan

Executive Vice President

Linda Marshall

Business Strategist

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