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IBM Partnership

IBM z Systems can enable enterprise businesses with unseen opportunities rise as possibilities. DataFactZ is proud to be a solution partner for IBM z Systems to deliver cutting edge business centric solutions with Spark.

DataFactZ for IBM z Systems

IBM z Systems which is a preferred system of choice for hosting mission-critical systems for many financial and other institutions, and Apache Spark, the most active open source project in recent years are the two key components of the next-generation enterprise architecture that combines OLTP and OLAP in a unified data environment, thereby enabling advanced analytics to be embedded in the transactions flow. IBM z Systems, integrated with intelligent interconnected Big Data technologies can prove to be a monster in the advanced analytics and computing space.

DataFactZ is proud to be a solutions partner for IBM to provide cutting edge business centric solutions, especially with Apache Spark.

DataFactZ partners with IBM z Systems as the company looks to deliver complete real time analytics services to its customers globally. These services will initially be uncovered with focus on preventing fraud in the financial industry by isolating and investigating fraudulent transactions in real time with advanced machine learning and streaming technologies.



DataFactZ has built the following solutions on z/OS and is currently in the process of building additional solutions in the areas of Risk, Anti Money Laundering, Supply chain for Retail and identifying fraudulent claims for Insurance domains using z/OS.

Real Time Fraud Detection using Spark on IBM z Systems

Retail banking business is growing rapidly to cater to the needs of the 21st century customer. From credit card payments to gadget banking through mobile phones and smart watches, the avenues of transacting with a financial bank are endless. This opens up the case for why Retail Banking is a great place for fraudsters to swindle money.

Companies are beginning to leverage advanced analytics, machine learning and Big Data technologies to detect and prevent fraud, and segregate fraudulent activities from legitimate ones. Besides, identification of patterns, gaining holistic view of their customer base and the ability to gather predictive analytics are some of the advantages of using the cutting edge technologies like Apache Spark and the like.


Gaining Customer Insight using Spark on IBM z Systems

One of the key factors in running a business successfully is making sure the company’s customer base is happy. Gaining insights into a customer using different tools and technologies can play a pivotal role in providing a business the ability to measure the satisfaction levels of its customer base, and enables the executives with informed decision making capabilities.

In this use case, we show how we can use Spark on IBM z Systems to generate real time analytics using a variety of customer data that a Retail Banking company has at its disposal. This includes survey data, social media data, historical and real time data generated from transactional systems.